After acquiring a Master of Architecture from Kansas State University, Ralph Shinogle found himself in the freelance position designing a mixed-use, urban-infill project in coordination with Tim Clark Architecture. After completing his role in the project, he took the opportunity to visit India where he spent his time traveling with architects and practicing photography. On return, Ralph Shinogle joined the Peace Corps where he worked in the Department of Planning and Development in the municipality of Himara, Albania. Himara, with the rest of Albania is a developing country working to distance itself from its totalitarian communist past. In this unique setting at the community's City Hall he worked with other on projects covering environmental needs and awareness, regional planning and urban design, (including a historic village center), historical preservation, and grant writing. After his two year commitment in Albania, Ralph Shinogle took a tour of China and Tibet learning about their ever-more-present cultures first-hand. On returning to the United States Ralph Shinogle is continuing his career in architecture.