Mountains, City, And Seas


If there is such thing as a Mecca for architects, surely there could be none other. A milieu of gleaming modern buildings, urban populations wrapping around forests riddled with temples seem to all be one.


Japan is a land where modern principles of design seem an age-old tradition. Elsewhere, where nostalgia has held their county's ransom to ages' past, Japan has been able to embrace its historic side while presenting progressive and well-founded design.


Japan with has a pragmatic reality about it. Doing away with cumbersome code with demanding specifications for preventative measures for human stupidity, instead opts for human-worthy spaces. It reserves its concern for natural disasters and fires.




KIX - Renzo Piano


Traditional Estate in Kyoto

Fushimi Inari Temple

Kibune to Kurama

Katsura Imperial Villa

Monkey Park Iwatayama

Traditional Garden in Kyoto

21st Century Musuem of Modern Art - SANAA

Office Building

Church of Light - Tadao Ando

Water Temple - Tadao Ando

Itsukushima Shrine

Himeji Castle



Umeda Sky Building - Hiroshi Hara


Omotesando Hills - Tadao Ando

Yoyogi National Gymnasium - Kenzō Tange

Fuji Television Building  - Kenzō Tange

Sendai Mediatheque - Toyo Ito

Tama Art University Library - Toyo Ito

Miyagi Prefectural Library - Hiroshi Hara


Apartment Building


Contextual Architecture

Fuji Kindergarten - Tezuka Architects

Tokyo International Forum - Rafael Viñoly

The Gallery of Horyuji Treasures - Yoshio Taniguchi

University of Tokyo, Komaba Campus II - Hiroshi Hara

A Fishing Village