As a part of Subsystem_13, Ralph Shinogle worked with eleven other students and his professor breaking down, studying, and proposing a sustainable future for Sandnes, Norway.


Key principles developed as PHIDA—Permeability, Harmony, Imagination, Diversity, and Adaptability when developing a long term solution to be sustainable; sustainable in the notion of a healthy community, economically, culturally, as Charles Landry puts it, a Creative City.


As Sandnes exists today, it is rather an outpost of the much larger Stavanger, Norway and a base for oil companies working in the North Sea. This project addresses Sandnes's future without the oil industry, as it is already declining.


At the end of the year, Subsystem_13 masterplanned the city focusing on the aforementioned PHIDA, reevaluating the grid, introducing efficient mass transit systems, while inserting institutions to help bolster this idea to create create congestion, as Rem Koolhaas ascribes New York's success.


Ralph Shinogle introduced the House of Design—which is a large community served by an artificial six meter wide street spiraling upwards with spaces on either side that would be occupied by businesses, manufacturers, studios, housing, et cetera, determined by the needs of the occupants. These spaces are arranged in a three dimensional grid to allow ultimate flexibility both vertically and horizontally. It would be foreseeable to have a six story, (eighteen meters high) business or, simply a two story large open studio occupying the same space instead.


These spaces created by the three-dimensional grid are served by the street which carries all utilities in its hollow body for ease of adding new infrastructures—think, communications equipment that is ceaselessly evolving.


The rental spaces surrounds/creates a large courtyard which serves as a place for spontaneous interaction and host to large events.


Permeating the six by six meter grid are smaller scale cultural institutions, a communications center, museum, a "birds' nest" nest to exacerbate cross-pollination of ideas.


Subsystem_13's project was partially sponsored by the community of Sandnes who shared interest and a dialogue with them. At the end of the project, Subsystem_13's conclusions were presented to the community.


Encompassing the work, Roasted Duck and Sugar Coated Potatoes was published as a manual, covering the observations and solutions for not just Sandnes, but many other industrial cities with similar predicaments.


The name, Roasted Duck and Sugar Coated Potatoes came out of the idea that a restaurant in Sweden opens up at three o'clock am to serve such a dish; how to create a city that can support such a tailored thing?