At the end of this century the traditional village may be nearing extinction, as people gravitate towards what they perceive to be a better life. As society gives way to shiny buildings and vast urban centers much that developed over centuries is lost. At the beginning of the last century one would have been able to find Native Americans still roaming the plains. In this same regard, remote tribes and villages are suffering the same fate. It is important to experience these fading micro-societies before they are swallowed up. Whether it be an ancient temple in India where people prostrate before idols, not unlike one would have in in classical and Greek and Roman cultures, or be it an ancient village in the Balkans, where people live off the land in a way idealized by trendy urbanites. To be able to feel these things, on an intimate level offers insight into human spirit, and often, a very peaceful and intimate existence, where time is often bountiful and one spends the day breathing the fresh air and laughing with brethren.


Around the world as societies organized they found their own solutions to explain the cosmos, organize themselves, and foremost how live with the climate and geography (which in turn came to define their built environments). With introduction of modern transit systems, one is suddenly liberated to explore and understand these previously foreign places. The many ideas, ways of life, morals, habits offer many ideas and inspiration. It also reinforces how similar societies are.


Life in the developed world only seems to get more complex; maybe it is time to slow down, to find and untangle the fundamentals of what we really desire in life.


In this constricting world grasping it is increasing in importance. In a hundred years the world is going to be more cosmopolitan, more singular, and less centered around the west. In such a context, following the cultural drift, and embracing it is perhaps going to be one of the defining factors of this century, especially as the the pace of it seems to be accelerating.


With constriction comes homogenization. Globally people often readily embrace Western culture, neglecting what had developed regionally over centuries. Though each time creating a unique variant of it.